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Real-world PK deficiency complications data

Hear Dr Blinder explain the rates of common complications seen in participants with PK deficiency, as evaluated by the global Peak Registry.

Complications of PK deficiency

In the second webinar from Know PK Deficiency, Dr Bertil Glader, a professor of pediatric oncology at Stanford University, shares an in-depth overview of PK Deficiency—from complications and causes, to monitoring recommendations. Hear more patient perspectives as John shares his story of living with PK Deficiency, sit in on a virtual Q&A session, and learn further about myAgios from Elisabeth, a Patient Support Manager.

Iron overload in PK deficiency

In this webinar, Dr Sujit Sheth presents the details and complications of iron overload in PK deficiency. Other highlights include a story from Jill, a patient with PK deficiency, and an overview of the myAgios program from Liz, a Patient Support Manager.

An overview of PK deficiency

The first webinar from Know PK Deficiency, led by Dr Jennifer Rothman, takes a deep dive into the details of the causes, symptoms, and complications of PK deficiency. Discussions also feature Molly, a patient with PK deficiency, and Elisabeth, a Patient Support Manager from the myAgios team.

Issues in PK deficiency

Dr Kuo

There are challenges in the current management strategies for treating PK deficiency. Dr Kuo discusses these obstacles and touches on the opportunities for advancements in therapy.

Long-term complications of PK deficiency

Dr Sheth

Hear from Dr Sheth about the possible long-term complications of PK deficiency, the impact on quality of life, and the importance of monitoring.

Remote care for patients

Dr Blinder

A condition like PK deficiency requires frequent visits to the doctor, which may be difficult for patients who live far away from their care team. Dr Blinder talks about building relationships with local primary care providers and taking advantage of telemedicine to communicate.

Advice for a patient who suspects PK deficiency

Dr Fertrin

Dr Fertrin discusses the importance of speaking up and asking questions to primary care providers and hematologists about the possibility of a rare disease diagnosis.

All doctors featured in these videos have been paid to participate.

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